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Margaret Wise Brown: The author of over 100 children’s books lived in this home at its original location on York Avenue between 71st Street and 72nd Street. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation writes that the home depicted in Brown’s book Mister Dog (1952) is a representation of the property, and the likeness is notable.

On his website, The New York Wanderer, historian Benjamin Feldman writes of the house:

After spending her first royalty check buying a flower vendor’s entire cartful of blossoms for her home, Margaret devoted some of her income to renting a separate writing studio, an unheated wooden cottage that sat in a back lot behind a tenement on the west side of York Avenue between 71st and 72nd Streets. There she spent the days writing, and many evenings held dinner parties in a living room with walls Margaret covered with animal fur. Crispin’s Crispian, a Kerry blue terrier given to the author by her lover, had the run of the place. The two-story cottage, nick-named Cobble Court, had been part of a farm family’s dairy operation in the previous century, and more recently was used as a neighborhood dining room.

Above, the author and her beloved dog who helped inspire the Mister Dog book were photographed at the house by Life Magazine in 1947.

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